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Blessing Christian Ministry Leaders, Missionaries, Students and Others with Free Restored Guitars
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My name is Rawge and I live in N California. I have always been interested in the 3-R's. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Reduce how much you use... Re-use everything that you can ... and recycle everything else. Even my little guitar shop was made out of re-purposed wooden garage doors! Remember the story of Jesus feeding the multitude? At the end of the meal He told them to pick up the scraps and not to waste anything!
That is the idea behind ReBorn Guitars.

I enjoy taking old stringed instruments, especially guitars and giving them new life. Hardware may fail and pieces may drift out of adjustment, but wood typically just gets better with age.  I locate guitars at yard sales, thrift shops, eBay, Craigslist and from donations. There are many brands of guitars that were made in the 70's, 80's, 90's and even the present that are made from nice wood, but might be rather plain to look at. I take some of these instruments and dress them up with inlays, bindings and rosettes and add a pickup so they can be used on stage. Others I just clean and repair, level and re-crown the frets, set the action and add new strings. It is very rewarding and relaxing to sit out in my little guitar shop and work on these instruments. I learn more with each new challenge.

Here is where my little shop is different from others. I make these guitars available for free to ministry leaders, missionaries, special-needs teachers and students.  I have donated a number of guitars to schools that have lost their music programs. A nice instrument may open a whole world of opportunities. If you are a Christian Youth Group leader, Worship team member, teacher or student in the N. California area and need a guitar, or you just want to give your current guitar some maintenance, feel free to send me an email. 

If you are a missionary or soldier and need a guitar to take with you on your travels, please check out my friend Scott's web site www.guitars4missions.com

I do not operate as a 501-3 (c) and I don't work under a large church.  All of this gets funded by my working overtime at my regular job. Please contact me if you have an old instrument, case, amp, or parts that you would like to donate. You can also click the Support link at top and make a donation, or even better, use the Musician's Friend link below to make a purchase. I receive 6% of the sale if you use the link. Thanks!

I also make crosses and take cross photographs.

Visit my CROSS website here.

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