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Pictures from the Reborn Guitars shop


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Before pic of a Yamaha covered in coats of white house paint.   After Pic of Yamaha - ReBorn!     Cross Inlay on Yamaha
Installing a pre-amp and pickup in 12-string Takamine Finished product with built-in tuner, mic and piezo under-saddle Repairing damaged soundboard on a Martin New bridge Bridge in clamps Cross inlay on an older Samick
Rhonda playing a repaired Ovation The "waiting" list Me hanging out in the shop Leveling a worn fretboard Repairing a classical Beginning a mother-of-pearl inlay
Beginning of another inlay Close-up of cut inlay I mix color into the epoxy to match the guitar color. I also add saw dust saved while sanding. Colored epoxy after it is hardened. Inlay after epoxy is sanded Finished product after headstock is final sanded and several layers of Tung-oil
New Workbench Installing a pre-amp and piezo-mic blend pickup Guitar completed and pick-up installed The "Reborn" sticker Finishing a Taylor with some neck problems. I learned a lot about Taylor's neck joints The little Guitar Shack
Installing a new neck on Epiphone SG     Walnut cross headstock inlay Old Orpheus
8 Guitars ready to go
Cool instrument I acquired. Lots of hand-made pearl and wood inlay It needs some repair, but it is really pretty Joe Voss working on a thin-body classical Adam Thompson serenading Alyssa Cox (and she not looking overly impressed) Tyler's first banjo lesson Fun with the banjo
Peter Ceccardi working on his Fender